Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prezis for homework help

I'm looking for engaging ways for students to get math homework help.  Our students are able to access their math textbook on-line, but it's not all that easy.  Students need to remember a password and know where to look for information once they get on-line.   The result is that so far, no one has been tempted to try the on-line book.

I want to find something that our students will use, so I've tried a Prezi explaining division.  My plan is to introduce Prezis with my Prezi about my dog (5th graders love pets and finding out more about their teachers' "real" lives).  Then, I will show the students the Prezi about division and how to access it.  To make it even more memorable, the students will have the chance to make their own Prezis in computer lab.  There are so many possibilities:  a sequencing exercise, something they create about themselves, an explanation of another math concept . . .

Maybe I'll also give extra credit to anyone who actually goes to the Prezi and can answer some questions about it.  I really want the struggling students to learn ways to get help.  This is a skill that will help them their whole lives, and isn't that what it's really all about?


  1. Learning is always fun. However, students in their academic-life do not always think so. There are several websites available to help students learning math. However, I personally like Tutorteddy.

  2. Thanks, I saw that they have lots of instructional videos, like Mathtrain. I'm curious how their tutoring works. The website mentions voice over IP and texting, but I'm wondering if there is a visual component too, so that the student and tutor can see how each are approaching a program. Do you know?